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Nonton Film Ultimate Hero (2016) Subtitle Indonesia

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Synopsis Movie Ultimate Hero (2016) : Ultimate Hero 2016 full movie“packed with martial arts sequences, explosions, car chases and shoot ’em up scenes, follows a man named Han Feng as he attempts to stop a gang of arms smugglers in Africa.
Directed by: Cui Lei Dragon Chen. Production companies: Shanxi Media Group Beijing Tianxing Brother Entertainment Sichuan Luzhou Tianxing Entertainment Art Specialty Institute Beijing Daai Lianmeng Media.Distributed by: Beijing Huanying Shidai Media. Release dates: August 19, 2016 (China). Running time: 95 minutes. Country: China, United States. Language: Mandarin English. Cast: Dragon Chen, Alexandre Bailly, Luc Bendza, Zeddy Benson, Gian Derek, Warwica Gilles, Doug Babaru, Israel, Liu Yongqi, Yu Zhenhuan.

Ultimate Hero (2016)

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