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Nonton Film Good Take Too (2016) Subtitle Indonesia

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Synopsis Film Big Bang MADE the Movie (2016) : Good Take Too Happy was brought up by her beloved Grandma who told her the legend of Farol de Guia, of treasures hidden under the light-house. Despite one failed attempt at paddling to the lighthouse, her childhood adverture with Grandma became a fond memory for the adult Happy. Reminiscing her Grandma’s words and their times together gave Happy the strength to face her daily struggles and continue her journey in life….
It is a short story of a rehabilitated inmate who’d lost his love and spends his time at a restaurant every day, waiting for her to turn up. There he met an old lady who too is waiting for her son to come back to her. After discovering that her son was actually the boy he had accidentally killed in the past, he decided to turn anew by working in that restaurant and spending time with the old lady daily.

Good Take Too (2016)

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